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Low Carb — High Price?

Back in the early days, I wrote about everything. Back then I was a bit Atkins Diet booster, unfortunately, I fell off the wagon and have put all of the weight back.

A while ago Atkins Nutritional filed for bankruptcy protection. Why would I care, might you ask? Well about 3 years ago, my wife and I read Dr. Atkins book and decided to try the diet out and I ended up losing 85 lbs. (which I have mostly kept off, thankfully). We tried out a lot of the stuff from Atkins Nutritional and mostly found that it was expensive and didn’t really help us that much.

Most of these products were “replacement” items like:

  • Lo-carb ketchup
  • Lo-carb Pasta
  • Lo-carb Bagels (?!??!) (if you read any low carb diet the LAST thing you should eat is a bagel)


We found that eating this stuff wasn’t really doing the diet, because you weren’t doing any kind of change in your lifestyle, you were just substituting one food for another. The other thing we found was that this stuff was FREAKING EXPENSIVE! (hence why I am blathering on about it here). If you follow the diet (not just Atkins, South Beach works too) you don’t need these expensive substitutes!

If you plan on going on a Low Carbohydrate diet, read the Atkins book(s) (or the South Beach Diet) and UNDERSTAND what you are about to do. This is not an “all meat” diet, or “no veggies or fruit” diet or whatever other doom-as ideas you have heard. Don’t get caught up in the HYPE of low carb, but do understand it, and what it is actually doing, and for the love of Pete, don’t just substitute more expensive food, you don’t have to GO BROKE to LOSE WEIGHT!

Do lose the weight however, so you can enjoy the fruits of your Debt Reduction Plans

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  1. I tried Atkins for awhile but like you guys found the packaged stuff way too expensive (and it usually tasted like crap too!!). My “secret” to my weight loss (20 pounds so far) has been running. I joined the Running Room’s 10-K program and have found it amazing. Gives you a community to train with. Best of all, is you feel like eating better (less as well as healthier) because you can feel the effects of bad food on your running. Diets don’t last…

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