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Canajun Finances Home » $301 for a $90 Cat? High Cost of Pets

$301 for a $90 Cat? High Cost of Pets

So this home finance rant was caused by one of our family cats, Jinx, feeling unwell. I must preface this story with the statement that I love my pet(s), I am ranting at the high cost of pets and  keeping them alive.

Jinx is a long black furred cat (that’s his picture on the left, in our bathtub) and in the summer, he gets fur balls, throws them up and then his stomach is upset and he stops eating (even though I pay too much for “anti-furball” food, but that is another rant about the high price of pet food).

Jinx the Cat

This year, Jinx gets so sick he goes to the vet, who rehydrated him (intravenously!), and suggests he stays over night, but luckily Mrs. Cheapy C8j convinces them that Jinxy should go home instead. Final cost of fixing this $90 cat (no complaints about that price, it went to the Humane Society)? $301.00 and at the end of it we saved $200.00 by him not staying over night Whoo Hoo!

The moral? Well, there isn’t one, it’s mostly me just ranting about the high price of Vets. I am happy my cat is well again.

Another option? Pet Insurance, I kid you not, click on the link, President’s Choice in Canada is offering Pet Insurance. I have not investigated it, but that is another option (but again, investigate thoroughly before putting your money down on this kind of thing).

Remember that before you get a pet (unless it is a goldfish) there are co$ts and responsibilities involved in getting a pet.

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  1. Advice on pet insurance: My cat was diagnosed with diabetes on 8/3. As soon as I got home from the vet I went online and ordered pet insurance. The insurance did not go into effect until midnight that night and I was told the diabetes wasn’t covered because it was a pre-existing condition even though it had only been diagnosed 12 hours before the insurance went into effect, needless to say I was angry. My advice is if you think you may be needing pet insurance be sure to get it before your pet gets sick and not after, it would have been a great deal for me because the premium was only $10/month vs the over $100/month I will now be paying out of pocket.

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