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in Child Tax Credit

From 2005 when my son was just born. Things were very different in terms of moneys from the Government.

So with the birth of my new son a few months back, it dawned on me that I might be able to “qualify” for the “Child tax Credit” (or family allowance) program up here. What follows is what I have found out.

Just as background, it used to be there was a Universal (i.e. everyone got it) Family Allowance program in Canada, for children under the age of 18 (and disabled children). That worked well, and thus the government decided they needed to “tinker” with it (ok, ok, I’ll keep my commentary to a minimum). The government decided that higher income Canadians really didn’t need subsidies for having kids, so they started “clawing” the money back (this was also back when you got a Tax Credit or break for having kids too, which has since disappeared too). The clawback was on a rolling scale, and if you were in the highest tax bracket, you had to give it all back. This meant you had this surreal scenario where the government might send you $100 a month and then you would owe $1200 in taxes at the end of the year because of the money they sent you.

A while ago (I can’t remember) that whole system was scrapped (along with Child Tax Credits) in favor of a new system, which was again “tax free” grants given to folks who had kids and “needed” it. For a while I have not “needed” this money (at least in the Government’s eyes), and I thought, ok, fair enough.

At Christmas when it seemed obvious that my son was going to arrive, I figured I’d check to see whether I might now be entitled to some money, and sure enough, I did. I found a nifty little calculator on line and I input my families vital statistics and sure enough, yes, I was entitled to some money, FANTASTIC! I needed to have all forms in for July 15th of the year to qualify to get any money this year (keep that in mind).

My son was born, WHOO HOO! We had to apply to get a certificate of live birth, which in turn you use to create a birth certificate with, but you can use the first certificate as a birth certificate for a little while (complicated eh?). We apply for the certificate of live birth. June rolls around and still no certificate (and I can assure you my son is still here, as are his sisters). I read the forms over again, I can use a BAPTISMAL certificate to apply for the Family Allowance, SWEET! I mail that in with all the correct forms.

July rolls around, we get a form letter back from the government. Due to your income, blah, blah, blah, no Family Allowance for you! Oh?!?!? Darn, oh well, it would have been nice to get, but that’s the way it falls, I grumble, and file the document.

August rolls around, another letter from the government stating, that YES in fact I am allowed to have a Family allowance cheque and in fact they OWED me money for the past 3 years because they hadn’t paid me!!! Whoo Hoo! Bring that FILTHY LUCRE my way, Sweet!

So, I implore you, apply for any government programs, the worse they can say is NO (or NO and YES the way they did to me). I am still expecting a third mailing that said the second mailing was wrong and they in fact want me to pay THEM money! (so I will be hiding under my rock for a while too).


  • The Dividend Guy August 23, 2005, 7:52 AM

    Well done. Nothing better than finding money – especially if you can “take” it from the government. Every little bit helps when you are raising kids!!


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