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Spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam and spam

I don’t like SPAM !

No that is not my breakfast, it is what I am now continually finding as “comments” on this page. I have turned off Anonymous comments, since those are just an invitation for idiots to come and spew stupidities, but this is even worse.

Typically what happens is there is a comment like:

“… I really like your debt reduction web site, have a look at mine at FUNNY LINK…”

SpamYou go and look and it is a page with 1 entry on it and 10,000 Adsense ads, so the only thing you CAN click are the ads (not my FUNNY LINK, that is a link to the SPAM FAN CLUB!). That is just poor sportsmanship, an abuse of blogging and a pretty tacky way to make money (only in this author’s humble opinion). Yes, I have adsense ads, and yes I’d like to make money on them, but at least I create relatively relevant and new content, not just an obvious, ca$h grab!

I espouse Debt Reduction, taking control of your finances and I am now a crusader against SPAM. As a kid actually I liked “Klik” more than SPAM anyway.

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  1. Personal Finance Canny

    Yeah, spammers suck. On my site, i am able to moderate comments from annoymous posters. If they want their comments to appear immediately, they have to register.

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