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Do the Hard Stuff

One of my favorite sites that I read daily is Our Daily Bread now before you jump all over me about adding religious content to a Debt Reduction web site, remember, I am a Christian, and I like reading the bible (just as I am a basketball coach and enjoy talking about basketball), it is part of me (and in this blog you get me WARTS and all).

A good entry from a few days ago talked about “Doing the Hard Stuff“. In it there is a very good excerpt which said:

“…Author Brennan Manning tells of an alcoholic who asked his minister to pray over him to be delivered from his drinking problem. He thought this would be a quick and easy way to overcome his addiction. Recognizing his motive in asking for prayer, the minister replied, “I’ve got a better idea. Go to Alcoholics Anonymous.” He counselled the man to follow the program diligently and read his Bible daily. “In other words,” the minister concluded, “do the hard work.” …”

This how a lot of us deal with our financial issues, we look for the quick fix or the easy out (or the Hail Mary Pass, for a bad Christian pun). If you are in financial problems, you most likely got there over a long period of time, so why do you think you can get out of it quickly? Think buying a Lottery ticket is a financial plan? (answer: NO!) Think hoping a relative dieing and leaving you a lot of money is a debt reduction system? (answer: NO!)

This stuff takes time, and all plans are going to take time as well, but PATIENCE is a virtue too. Give yourself the time and you can do it!

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