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Sending Sick Kids to School

In these days of pandemics, this rant from 2005 does seem to still ring true. If you or your kids are sick, please stay home, I don’t need the latest disease, thanks.

At times we do things to keep money flowing, or to not lose our vacation that maybe we need to think about before we do them.

Case in point, one of my kids brought home a new “cold strain” and I finally succumbed to this and was off my feet for a couple of days. My kids picked it up from another kid, who I am sure spread the disease to other kids, etc., .

So what is this RANT really about? If you send your kids to school SICK so that you don’t have to take a day vacation OR you come into work so you don’t have to take a SICK day (and I realize companies are now implementing the evil policy of sick/vacation days being linked), you WILL (there is no maybe) infect 4 other people (at least) (your kids will most likely infect 4 kids).

By this one act you are spreading illness (and with this bird flu thing, it could be really serious), and you are hurting other folks abilities to do their job. Sounds selfish to me, you will hurt other folks ability to earn a pay cheque!

If you don’t think that is very important financially, think of this. I got this cold, if I had visited my Dad who is in hospital and not well, I could have KILLed him with this.

Think about it folks, I am not saying, go live in a plastic bubble, or carry around disinfecting soap, but if you are sick, stay home! The financial and social aspects of this are important to all of us.

Getting other folks sick is not a debt reduction scheme.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more? And, I think the younger the sick child is, the more children they will infect — hands in the mouth and on everything, for example.

    I also think that if we’re smart and take a day or two to rest, we’re back on our feet a whole lot sooner.

  2. ..and what about fellow employees who come to work sick? Nothing is more frustrating than attending a meeting with someone who is hacking and snortling through the entire event. These “stoic” old school workers think they are showing you how very tough they are struggling through the work day with their illness. All the while, they are infecting everyone else in the room. You know several fellow attendees will be home sick the next week.

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