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$241K in Charges on your Corporate Amex

Yes, I know some businessmen can do this for legitimate reasons. However, in this instance, $241K racked up in alleged topless bar charges for lap dances is utterly unfathomable to me. If we take the alleged victim’s argument and believe he only spent $20K on topless bar charges, we can still ask the lyrical question:

How the heck can you justify, in your mind, blowing $20K in a topless bar?

Let’s view what might legitimize this alleged expense.

  • Are you so Amoral to think that blowing this much money in a topless bar is a legitimate business expense?
  • Are you so simple as to think that the shareholders of your company think this is ok?
  • Are you so arrogant you won’t get caught doing this?

My mind spins with the simple outrage I felt reading this. If a company I worked for or invested in had this kind of person in their management, I’d get out of there mighty quick!

What does this have to do with Debt Reduction and Financial planning? Let’s put it this way, rolling up $241K, $20K or $100 in credit card charges for a Topless club or Strip club is BAD FINANCIAL PLANNING and is DEBT CREATION, not REDUCTION.

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