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Keep your Computer Secure (epilogue)

I should really be careful which “Karma” I disrupt when I write these articles. I got home Monday night, my wife was complaining that the Family computer (not the one I have all my stuff on) was running funny. I log in and sure enough something is really bunged up. After 6 hours of me swearing I figure out that the machine was infected with the W32.CHOD.D virus. LOVELY!!!

How do you get this virus? From MSN type interactions! My darling daughters downloaded a virus even after their father (a person who works in high tech) lectured them about NOT doing that. I finally cleaned it all up this morning at 7:59 AM (no I didn’t work all night, but I did start working on it again at 5:45 AM). Wonderful fantastic, great! Let’s just clean up the registry, WHAT A MISTAKE! I removed 1 entry and my machine would never boot correctly again.

I have spent the rest of today rebuilding that machine, and it will take another few days to do this. I am a dolt, and should be much more careful.

What does this have to do with Finance? Debt Reduction? Well, if an allegedly computer literate family such as mine can do this to their computer, it really does behoov you to be careful with your machine as well! Be very careful, and protect your resource.

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  1. This sounds like something techno-nerd son would do. I’ve lost count of how many times he has had to reinstall the operating system and then rebuild the set-up because he removed a DLL when trying to debug something. of course, it is never his fault 🙂

  2. I totally feel for you and I’m so happy it wasn’t my computer…trying to debug computers with a Japanese operating system (at wife’s request) is a nightmare I pray every morning I don’t have to do…

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