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Financial Rant: Ontario Emissions Tests

This article made me remember this past January. I literally saw RED because of the Ontario Government’s emission testing tax. Luckily these tests stopped in 2019. Not sure how much of the environment was saved by this.

I received my yearly license renewal form and had not noticed that BOTH of my cars were up for emissions tax grab. OK, my Honda Accord is an old clunker and maybe we should make sure it isn’t polluting a lot (not like say all the gas lawn mowers that pollute at a higher rate). Fine, I’ll go do that test. I then came back and was able to renew my license, but then I tried to renew the license on my 2-year-old van, but the government wanted me to spend another $60 (or whatever it was) to test THAT car as well to get a new license sticker. Unless I have been adjusting the carburetor myself (which would void my warranty), how would a 2-year-old van fail an emissions test? Of course, it won’t, but, the government got their money, my dealership got some extra money, my mechanic for my Honda got some money and everyone was happy (except me because I was out another $300 for licensing my cars).

I really hate the way the world is “nickel and diming” me to DEATH. Everyone adds a surcharge or a little extra tax for something, schools, government agencies, airports, gas taxes, and I am dieing financially by attrition!

If I totalled up all these little “add on” taxes and charges, I think you’d need to check me into a rubber room because I’d be figuring out why I never have any extra money, the government has it!

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  1. This is something that should be left to the nature of things…
    E.G..At the present cost of gasoline one makes certain that they are getting the desired fuel effeciency, if not they get it serviced so as to save money towards their gas purchase, in other words it is self regulatory and there is no need for mandatory actions that is just meant to steal more of our money.They will keep it up until people start taking matters into their own hands.

  2. All this bending over and taking it for the man gets really tiresome. They are indeed nickel and diming and quartering and loonying us to death.

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