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Rant: Buyer Beware

Caveat Emptor, I think the first time I heard that I was watching the Brady Bunch and Greg had bought a clunker that didn’t work, and his Father taught him the valuable lesson of, “Let the buyer beware” (gee thanks Dad, couldn’t you just give me my money back?).

Let me be clear about what I think of this sad statement, it is a simple excuse by people who sell (be it retailers, wholesalers, curbsiders, hucksters, snake oil salesmen, etc.,) to SCREW you! Well, sorry you bought that but Caveat Emptor eh? BITE ME, is my response to that. How did we get to a world where it is ok to screw your fellow person out of their hard earned money? Hey, I sealed your driveway for $500, but the stuff to do it costs $25 at Home Depot, but Caveat Emptor! WTF?

I really have little sympathy for folks who are “fleeced” on Internet scams claiming to get them a million dollars from Nigeria, that is not a Caveat Emptor situation, that is just plain old fashioned stupidity. I am talking about Car salespeople, who sell you a car they know is flawed, electronics store droids who wouldn’t know a CPU from WTF but try to sell you a warranty that you don’t need, and “Religious” organizations who just want your money so they don’t have to work.

My hope is that the theory of Karma comes into play for those folks, and they get what is coming to them. You could take the Christian view that they are all going to Hell (or at least a nastier part of hell than where I may end up), but one of my tenets of life is “they will get theirs in the end”.

Keep that in mind this Holiday season (all you retailers, and hucksters)

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