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There it is !

One of my daughters has an excellent coach who’s two favorite expressions from the bench are “There it is ! ” and “Attack, attack!”. Both have to do with offensively what the girls should be doing on the court, and I particularly like “There it is!”.

This expression in Basketball terms is, “You are the open player, who should make the offensive move”. The equivalent of reaching Nirvana in a basketball offense, and in my Financial Life I really wished and wish there was a voice or a sign of “There it is!”, it would make life so much simpler.

Some examples would be:

  • Driving by a Bank that will give me good service and no fees, a voice yelling “There it is!”, would be helpful, instead of having to slog my way around to three separate banks and horse trade with them to make them give me the services I want for free.
  • Seeing a Used Car that is in good shape, and the price is good, “There it is!” would help out to no end, but without that voice, I need to take the car to my mechanic and have him tell me whether this is a good deal or not.
  • I hear about a company that may be turning around its fortunes, but I am not sure whether I should invest in it, where is that “There it is!” voice? Nowhere, so I have to do the math, do the research and then take the risk on whether I should put my money there.

Is This Available?

Nope, sorry folks, there is no Voice or sign that says, “There it is!”, but there is always ways to at least give yourself a feeling of confidence that you have made the right decision, which is really what “There it is!” is all about, isn’t it?

Now if I could find the “There it is!” for buying Christmas gifts for my family, I’d be tap dancing down the lane for an easy layup!

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