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Expense Rant: "Public" School?

So I have ranted about how much money I have to fork out every September and then throughout the school year for my supposedly “free” public Education:

  • School fees? To pay for books etc., usually around $70 every year (not much, but if you don’t think it’s worth worrying me about, please send me $70)
  • Field trips, that I have to drive for, or pay money for, ok, yes they are optional, but do you want your kid to be the only one not going?
  • Bus passes, because my kids live far enough away that they can’t walk, yet my schoolboard doesn’t think they need to pay to get them to school (next year this is going to be $174 a MONTH).
  • Lunch programs, which are great, but man, they ain’t cheap either.

The CBC Ottawa has another good article about this as well. Please read it and think of those folks in your community who are having financial hardships because they are sending their kids to school? That reads like such a crazy statement.

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  1. So they talked to one woman…typical media crap. The media will always be biased, not because of any personal biases but because their sample sizes are always ridiculously small.

  2. True, but you also have my rant as well, so that makes two. My guess is that in a lot of lower income areas the “charges” may be cheaper for school (and the media never checked that either). I hear your view, and I agree the Media is worse than Bloggers some times for not checking their sources, but in this case, I think there is a problem.


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