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Investment: High Tech

Isn’t it amazing how technology changes over a short period of time? Note the cost of burnable DVDs which are now as cheap as chips, and hard to find because no one uses them. Yes Invest High Tech wise is a changeable thing.

Ha ha, fooled you guys, you know I don’t like giving out “hot stock tips” or investment tips, because, I am pretty clueless when it comes to that kind of stuff (but I do read a lot of good folks, who do seem to have a much better grasp on things, and you could read the Carnival of Investing if you are really gung ho to get ahead).

Nope, about 3 weeks ago I plunked down about $90 Canadian (all inclusive) and got a DVD 8x burner and 50 blank DVDs, and let me tell you I have already got my money out of this little investment:

  1. I can now back up my MP3 collection (very important) (approx value to me $20)
  2. I have backed up my work computer at home (so I am not relying on my company’s I.T. organization to back my system up) (approx valued $30, because I lost my C: partition a while ago and am STILL fixing the darn machine).
  3. My kids can watch DVDs on their computer and I don’t have to listen to them argue over TV time (approx value $10, at least!)
  4. Translating Hi-8 videos from my Camcorder to DVDs, which will last a little longer than the tapes will (but not forever, be warned, Burnable DVDs will wear out eventually too). (approx value $50). Try to get this done by one of those services, and see how much that costs!

DIY is Always Satisfying

I installed it myself, so I saved about $50 in service charges, and it came with a free copy of Nero Burning software (a stripped down version but it gets the job done).

I agonized over buying this, but I think it was a worthwhile investment for me.

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