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Cigarette Tax Increase in Ontario

Way back in 2006, this finger-wagging article was conceived. The cigarette tax now is even higher. The federal taxes are even higher.

Federal Tax (2022)$2.98 per pack of 20
Ontario Tax (2022)$3.70 per pack of 20
Based on current government data

So the Ontario government decided (in 2006) to increase the “sin tax” on cigarettes again. The cigarette tax (each one in the pack) is 12.35 cents, WOW! I thought our income tax was ridiculous. This means a carton of cigarettes will go up by $1.25 soon.

Do I feel sorry for smokers? No, not really. I have seen what smoking does to your body (my Dad is in a wheelchair primarily because of it). I feel sorry for the local store and shopkeepers who have to listen to the smokers complain about the price of their cigarettes.

Let me be clear, if you smoke, you are not seriously worried about Debt Reduction. It’s a simple equation, if you smoke two packs a day, you are shooting yourself in your collective monetary foot. Take that money, put it towards your debt, and you might be surprised how much farther ahead you might be (and how much better your health and your family’s health will be as well).

Yup, I smoked for a while, but as I have said, there is nothing WORSE than a reformed smoker!!! (speaking as one), we are a very Pius and “holier than thou” kind of crowd, so BUTT OUT!

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