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Financial Planning: Doin’ it old school (Friday smile)

I have seen many high-tech tools out there to do your financial planning with, but for the high and mighty “rich folk,” they do it “old school”. Have a look at how Larry Ellison does his budgeting! Now that is really “kickin’ it old school”! Scrawled on a single piece of paper, that shows real confidence in your abilities.

Larry Ellison Accounting
Larry’s Scratchings

What does Larry’s budget look like, you may ask (in case you didn’t click that link?):


  1. Lifestyle – annual $20m
  2. Interest accrual – annual $75m
  3. Villa in Japan – $25m
  4. New yacht – $194m – over 3 yrs
  5. America’s Cup – $80m – over 3 yrs
  6. UAD – 12m over 3 yrs

I feel sorry for him. I do. Makes my whining about my car payments on my 4-year-old Montana Van seem insignificant, doesn’t it? UAD is another company, I believe. If Larry Ellison can spend the time to figure out a budget, so can you!

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