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Financial Risk: Data loss

Given our reliance on electronic devices, especially in the area of financial planning and tracking (you know like Quicken, Will-Expert, Inventories, etc.,), the following posting by Bruce Schneier is quite topical and worrisome.

If you are like me and you have a copy of Quicken on your portable computer, all it would take to break in and steal my accounts would be to steal my laptop (and break into the passwords I have on all of this, so it isn’t THAT easy), but the point made that 20 years ago this kind of theft wasn’t possible, because the technology never existed is very intriguing.


Where do you store your old Tax Returns? Most likely locked away somewhere or at least stored in a safe place in your house, but if you file electronically, then you most likely have a copy on your computer too. Given all the “hocus pocus” viruses and spyware out there, it’s important to keep your computer’s data and the computer itself SAFE and SECURE. Backup disks (DVD, CDROM, floppy, thumb drives, whatever) all need to be put in safe secure places folks. Keep this in mind, don’t make it easy to steal your financial data!

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