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Work: Despair Inc Strikes again!

In 2006 I was very hung up with Despair Inc, and its products. They even comment on blogging, which isn’t wrong either. That is why they call it work.

OK, so the guys over at Despair Inc. have had another coup. Their “founder” actually got published in the Harvard Business Review, in fact, the idea of “That’s why they call it Work” is one of the top 20 breakthroughs of 2006! Amazing.

Now, I can’t tell whether the Business Review is having a little fun with us, or Despair Inc. has gone legit, or everyone is having a collective “wink” at us, no matter how you slice it, it is a staggering piece of work. The reason I am amazed is that I agree with this, but no one ever writes down this. If you want fulfillment in your life, MAKE IT YOURSELF, your job does not OWE it to you.

That is why they call it work

Maybe employees are dissatisfied because they have been taught to expect too much from their jobs. In the mid-1900s, organizational behaviorists concluded that great work environments would produce happy, productive workers. At the same time, humanists began arguing that work should be a vehicle for growth and self-expression. Those ideas became part of the conversation for companies and observers of companies, including management consultants and the business press. Employees, as a result, came to expect that their jobs would be satisfying and meaningful and that their employers would help them grow professionally and develop their “true potential.”

Despair Inc., 2006

I read this and it can be taken on SO MANY levels it is staggering. Drop by Despair’s website and enjoy some of its outstanding products.

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