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Join the Debt Diet?

AllThingsFinancial a quick note about how Orpah (yes I know I misspelled it) doing a new ongoing story about debt control. Now David Bach will be there, and I do like some of his ideas in the Automatic Millionaire, but once Orpah starts talking about this stuff, I worry that the message starts getting pasteurized, homogenized and finally lost in a maelstrom of platitudes.

Measure up to Debt
Do You Measure Up

Getting rid of debt is like dieting, but you can’t do it the way everyone else does dieting. You don’t want to lose 20 lbs and then in 6 months put back on the 20 you lost and add 20 more! (sorry I had to follow the metaphor on that). Losing weight and Debt Reduction is a LIFE choice! It is not a quick fix, that once you are “fixed” you can go back to your old life style, you have to CHANGE your life style (get it folks!).

I hope the presenters are forceful, and to the point that this is not something that you can do by going to a “Jenny Craig” store for Debt! Debt reduction is hard, and you need to work at it, and stay with it (but once you do it, it is a good thing too).

Have a watch, but remember, do what you think you can live with, too!

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  1. You’re absolutely right – it’s a lifestyle change. I think for a lot of people, getting out of debt is like a fad diet. They pick a plan, try it for a while, see some results, and then quit!

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