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Buyer Beware: Read the fine print (rolling up the rim)

If you are a red-blooded, coffee swilling Canadian (like most of us are), and you haven’t bought Tim Horton’s stock yet (see the Canadian Capitalist for his overview on that, he has some good stuff on it), READ closely the Roll Up The Rim “fine print”.

All the following data is available at the Tim Horton’s web site (click on this link):

So I am in Region 5 (Eastern Ontario), this is useful to know, since I don’t plan to be traveling too much during this contest. So in Region 5, if I want to win the car (which of course is the logical choice of things I want to win), what are my chances?

Well there will be 1 Cup of size Medium that will win a car, 1 Cup of Large size and 0 (ZERO) of size XL that will win. Pardon? So if I buy an XL coffee the way I do most mornings, my chances of winning the car is ZERO? Oh, ok, so I won’t be buying an XL coffee until this contest is over, because I can’t win the car!

Now, if you read the statistical weasel words, this is the APPROXIMATE distribution likely of winning cups for the car, so I guess it is possible to win the car with an XL cup in Ottawa, but my suspicions are, it is INCREDIBLY unlikely (as opposed to if I buy a Large coffee, where the chances are VERY unlikely).

What does this have to do with financial planning and such? Not much, but if you want to WIN at a game, it’s always important to know ALL the rules (in life, and in financial planning too).

I’ll have a large with double cream please.

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