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About Face: SPEND? {What day is it today? April 1}

April Fool’s joke is coming up here, folks; please read with that in mind. Don’t sue me later saying I told you to do this!!

OK, I have had enough of my pius constant harping about paying off debt and saving money. I have been WRONG all along. Putting money away in RRSPs and 401k plans is foolish; only 1 generation has EVER been able to retire, and that was our parents; why do we think we get to do that? Retirement is a pipe dream created by Financial Planners to stop you from spending your hard-earned cash NOW!

Money should be spent, and then spent some more! Who saves for a rainy day when you live in the desert?

Take all your savings and buy the most expensive SUV you can find; gas prices will decrease!

I think you should run up your credit cards to their maximum, and then declare bankruptcy, who cares!

All of these holier-than-thou bloggers talking about how you should get out of debt should all write about what people care about pornography.

The Globe and Mail

Use those pay-day loan companies. Their rates seem very reasonable to me.

You ARE owed something by life, so make sure you whine, complain and bitch to everyone about how you don’t think you are getting what you deserve.

Oh, and in case you wondered…. April Fools…

In case you thought I had completely gone off my nut.

My list of debt commentary articles is quite long, so let’s stick with the basics.

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