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Spring Cleaning II

Onward we go with our theme of starting anew in the spring, by doing some financial, fiscal, and personal clean up.

I mentioned cleaning up old accounts, and that can be taken to debt reduction too.

  • Have you let a balance build up on a credit card over the winter? (no one sitting at this computer has that problem D’OH!) Now is the time to figure out how to pay that sucker off and fast! Pay it off, don’t just transfer it to another lower interest debt, pay the darn thing off and be done with it!
  • Is there a home repair you have been holding off doing, say like my roof. Get quotes from at least 4 companies (ask for referrals, and CALL the referrals too, maybe go look at them), and then put together a plan on how this debt will get paid for (in Ottawa my roof is going to cost anywhere from $4500 to $8500 depending on whom I ask). Things like roofs need fixing.
  • Plan NEXT year’s vacation? Well, you could start a saving plan for a Summer 2007 vacation (that way it doesn’t cost so much putting the money aside).
  • How’s that Mortgage pay down going? Maybe check on that, and see if you can speed things up a little bit more?
  • Get those financial plans dusted off, cleaned up and back fresh in your mind.

Spring cleaning is also a time for physical clean up, and that’s what tomorrow’s topic is.

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