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Rant: 15% Electrical Hike?

Just when I thought I was figuring out how to balance my expenses, I read in this article from the CBC that Ontario Hydro is going to hike my rates by 15% (luckily they are going to shut down the coal fired plants, so we won’t have as much supply either, that should help the price out a lot (facetiousness alert!)).

So I continue to die the death of 1000 paper cuts. All of my home expenses are going up (even though I am told inflation is only 2%), heating my home with Natural Gas is more expensive, Cooling my home this summer is going to be $20 a month more expensive (since I have equal billing), and the gas for my cars is at the $1.00 a litre range, AND they are going to raise interest rates to FIGHT inflation (thus my mortgage and line of credit interest is going up as well). OK, so who is going to help the middle class deal with all of this? I would guess there will be heating rebates for the low income folks (I think that is a good thing, if you are asking), but what about me? I don’t get any money for the government because I am too “rich”. I don’t get to write off any camps for my kids, because my wife doesn’t work.

Oh and the Tories are now thinking about not lowering my income tax.

I better go out and by some 4 year old cheese to go with all this Whining I am doing.

Mr. Harper and Mr. McGuinty why do you hate the middle class?

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