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Personal Coaches

A perspective from the early days. My opinion of life coaches hasn’t changed since 2006. Find a suitable Mentor at work, and you will be just fine. Better still figure it out yourself?!?

Stand back on this one because I am tired of my generation’s constant need to be coddled. I spoke with a co-worker striving to get her career farther on, and she informed me that our company has paid for her to talk to a personal coach. I was a little confused and asked if she meant a personal trainer, but no, this was a Personal Coach, whom she discusses things from work about, and this “Coach” comments on their student’s activities. This coach has nothing to do with our industry, so they are not a technical resource to help with ideas. They act as a Parent telling the naughty child what they have done wrong.

I was dumbfounded. If your idea of “personal growth” is that you need a loud-mouthed windbag, who knows nothing about your job to tell you to do the right thing, maybe you are in the wrong position! This “Coach” makes a pretty packet of money, and all they do is ask pointed questions like:

  • Did you think that was a good idea?
  • Could you have done that in a better way?
  • Why did you do something as selfish as that?

And other parental-like commentaries.

I cannot understand why people of my age feel so inept that they cannot trust their instincts enough, that they have to pay someone money to tell them what they already know!

This goes down with Pet Rocks as one of the best scams out there (it might even be as good as Whole Life Insurance, but that is for another rant).

Time to be an Adult, people, it’s your life, don’t let a bunch of know-it-all over-paid boors tell you how to live it! (and yes, that includes me too).

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  1. Amen! Good Rant!

    We never like to do the things that are hard to do and would rather pay someone else to do it. That’s why coaches exist, by simplying being honest with you about what you don’t want to tell yourself.

    It’s just like the story of the factory owner who paid a ton to “consultants” for handling an assembly line problem. When it was over, one of the workers asked the boss how much money he wasted. The consultants basically went around, asking employees for ideas and recommended them – it wasn’t anything the boss could not have done himself.

    We all have what it takes to be like these “experts”. It’s called discpline!!

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