No Smoking In Ontario

I was hoping to find a clip of Tommy Lee Jones telling the whacked out postal alien in Men in Black II, “NO SMOKING!”, but I found a clip just as good, and just as nasty.

There is only 1 thing worse than a non-smoker and that is a former smoker. We are rabid in our hatred of the filthy habit because we know we are 1 cigarette away from being hooked again!

Let’s sum up the cost of cigarettes:

  • A pack of smokes costs about: $5.00 (I don’t know let’s go with that)
  • Two packs a day is about $10.00
  • Over a year that is $3650.00 a year (that’s after tax money folks)

What if you put that money on a nice vacation? How about a car? That’s a packet load of money folks! –C8j

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University Education in Canada

So after attending my 20th anniversary alumni weekend, I have a new respect for having to save a pack-load of money to get your kids into University (and out the other end). I talked to a few alumnus and they were echo’ing my concerns about the costs of sending our kids to U Waterloo.

Are you guys curious as to what my Alma Mater says your costs might be (in this year’s money too folks, remember you have got to expect an increase in cost here):

Tuition Fees?

Co-op $2,919 – $5,911 $5,838 – $11,822

First number is for a four month term the second set of numbers is for 8 months.

Living on Campus?

Single $3,900 $3,900 Included $7,800

So this is for one of the Church Colleges on Campus, so that includes food too, but $7800 for 8 months. Yes living off campus is cheaper, but that has other costs like transport to take into mind as well.

Text Books?

Mathematics $722 $1,444

So that is the 4 month and 8 month costs. Yes that is $1444 for books. Might want your kids to figure out where the used book store is!

You want the whole ugly thing in one table? Well check this link for the entire article, but here it is:

Domestic student – co-op
Rent and local transportation**
school year
In residence $5,838 – $11,822 $1,294 $2,512 $6,862 – $8,238 $16,486 – $23,866
Off campus $3,992 $2,008 $15,644 – $21,628
At home $9,644 – $15,628

How much were you planning on putting in your RESPs? Still think it is silly to start saving for University when your child is still in diapers? Remember, you have 4 8 month stints to pay.

Sorry for the sticker shock folks.


Games of our Youth

OK folks, this video is astounding because I either owned or wanted every one of the games advertised in this ad.

The Masterpiece one is even more amazing, because that along with:

  • Monopoly
  • Careers
  • Pay Day

All were the basis of me learning any kind of financial planning or what money was worth. Wonder what the kids of today are going to use? Roller Coaster Tycoon? Maybe.

Take an active role in teaching your kids about money and how to use it folks, don’t let Parker Brothers be their main teacher!

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Getting a Lower Mortgage Rate?

So this article talks about where in the U.S. you can get cheaper rates. In Canada there are a few services as well, but here are a few of the tips I know of:

  1. Shop around with different banks and loan institutions, and remember rates are 1 part of the loan, but maybe the terms are more important. Do you want a better long or short term rate?
  2. See a mortgage broker. He or she will do the shopping around for you and try to get you the cheapest rate they can find.
  3. Be persistent with banks, and tell them their rate isn’t good enough. If they say they can’t lower it, leave! I did, and it was scary as heck, but it worked, I got a better rate at my new bank.

Remember this should be your biggest “investment”, so get as good a rate as you can.


Tricks To Getting A Low Mortgage Rate by Felicity Walker

It’s obvious – we all want to have a low mortgage rate. After all, a low mortgage rate means spending less on monthly payments throughout the life of the mortgage. A lot mortgage rate can save you thousands of dollars. It also means you’re more likely to have funds available to spend on opportunities that could prove profitable.

In recent times, low mortgage rates have begun to rise, but even so, rates today are still low enough to make it worth considering refinancing your home, if you’re stuck in a high rate loan. The internet is a wonderful place to do your research on finding a low mortgage rate. Included here are some websites where you can start looking.

This website is a great place to start you research. You can compare the rates from a variety of lending companies in your state, so that you can improve your chances of getting a low mortgage rate. For example, you may want to apply for a 30-year fixed rate refinance mortgage in Arizona. You need to borrow $100,000 with no discount points, and you want a standard type of loan. Once you click on search, a list of lending companies in Arizona will appear, along with an indication of their mortgage rates. Then all you have to do is choose the one offering the lowest rate, check that the other aspects of the loan are okay, and off you go.

At, you can request a loan quote online. They offer a lot of choices and options if you’re looking for low mortgage rates. They are very strict on privacy, and so the information you provide is only shared with potential lenders, not with any other third party.

If you want to go direct to a lender, then try E-Loan. They offer low mortgage rates with a range of loan types. Also, they don’t charge any lender fees or add on other hidden costs. There are also various loan calculators you can use at the site.

If you’re locked into a high interest rate loan, the sooner you take a look at refinancing with a low mortgage rate, the better. There’s no guarantee that rates will stay this low, so check into your options before you find rates rising again. Refinancing to a low rate mortgage can help lower your monthly payments, save on interest and reduce your stress levels enormously.

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Metaphor Friday: See ya Dad!

Yes that is the back of the head of “L’il C8j”, as he is known on this blog. I was trying to take a picture of him, but he refused to turn around, so this picture came of that session.

So what is this picture a metaphor of? Well it’s not really a metaphor is it, it’s more symbolism of my son leaving me (eventually). Can you guess how much money I am going to spend before my son leaves home? Well let’s think about a few things here:

L'il C8j

L’il C8j Wandering Away

  • Dental bills, hopefully covered by my insurance, but what if he needs braces? It’s got to be over $5000.00.
  • Clothing? No guesses there, but I cringe now.
  • Food? Um, he is already at the 100% levels on the growth charts, so my guess would be, mucho dinero.
  • Sports? Maybe he won’t want to do sports, but his recreational activities won’t be cheap either.
  • University Education? Good Lord in 18 years how much is that going to cost? My guess is $75,000.00 at least, oh man!

Before my son leaves home, a lot of money is going to leave my wallet. Do I mind? No, maybe it’s not something I should think about too much, but I should plan for it as well, so his RESP starts in a month or so.

Long weekend coming in Canada, so enjoy it folks, keep smiling, and drive carefully.


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