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No Smoking In Ontario

I was hoping to find a clip of Tommy Lee Jones telling the whacked out postal alien in Men in Black II, “NO SMOKING!”, but I found a clip just as good, and just as nasty.

There is only 1 thing worse than a non-smoker and that is a former smoker. We are rabid in our hatred of the filthy habit because we know we are 1 cigarette away from being hooked again!

Let’s sum up the cost of cigarettes:

  • A pack of smokes costs about: $5.00 (I don’t know let’s go with that)
  • Two packs a day is about $10.00
  • Over a year that is $3650.00 a year (that’s after tax money folks)

What if you put that money on a nice vacation? How about a car? That’s a packet load of money folks!


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  1. When was the last time you priced smokes! Holy cow guy, those are 1995 prices. I know someone who smokes and it’s about $8-$9 a pack in BC.


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