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Tips for Pay Day Loan Places

Again, an interesting article went by, and I just needed to see the title to feel the need to say something about what you should do when you feel you need a Pay Day Loan:

  1. Hit yourself in the head with a 2.5 lb sledgehammer above the left ear (not too hard unless you think you can get workman’s compensation for it).
  2. Go in and ask them, if you can work for them, and if they say yes, then ask for an advance on your first pay cheque, they might only charge you 1.7% a day, seeing as you are a new employee.
  3. Drop by your parents house and hit them up for a loan, and tell them that for every $100 they loan you, you will pay back on pay day, and will cut their lawn, do their dishes and/or clean out their gutters. If your parents aren’t in town, try this on a friend, you never know.
  4. Offer to never talk to a person who really dislikes you if they loan you the money you need. I know there are a bunch of people I wish would do this.

Yes, I am just pulling your leg here (or bashing you in the back of the head with a 2.5 lb. sledge as it were), my message is:

  1. Don’t use these services
  2. Don’t get yourself into a state where you need these services
  3. If you think you need these services, contact a LICENSED bankruptcy trustee. They can help you in this situation
  4. All of the above

I’m sorry, folks. These guys charge more than loan sharks, and in fact, loan sharks buy into these businesses because they make more money that way.

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  1. Oh, I see now that I have it backwards.

    You see, I loan my skills to my employer for three weeks, before I am paid for the first two (and so on). The thing is, that at times I feel I am paying the same premium as the payday loan sharks (or is that pirannahas?) charge. 😉


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