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Free Stuff for PC

So, the Yahoo Toolbar now comes with Norton AntiSpyware (it used to have its own workable spyware, but this is even better). I downloaded the new toolbar and found I was infested with the darn stuff (and my kids machine had almost 100 hits on it, so I think it’s worth downloading just for that). I guess you could uninstall it after you are finished, or simply turn it off in your IE, if you don’t want to use it after you have run the AntiSpyware stuff, but it is quite useful.

AntiVirus and Spyware stuff is now becoming essential to ALL computers, unfortunately, so make sure you are protected, or your investment in your PC, may become somebody else’s Zombie investment! Be safe!

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  1. well if you’re concerned about spyware, using IE to begin with is your first mistake.

    Same it with me!


    Make the switch and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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