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Baby formula, the price of convenience?

The joys of having a baby son (while having teenage daughters) is you can revise ideas you have from 10 years ago. All of our daughters had SOY formula until they were 2 or whatever age (I can hear my wife yelling the correct age as she reads this). We used the concentrated formula in cans, which cost about $40 a case and lasted about 5-6 days. With our son, we are using lactose free formula but the powder version (i.e. supply your own water). This seems to last about the same amount of time and costs $20 or so.

Now the comparison is not apples to apples, because it is a different type and brand of formula, however I am surprised we have kept with the powdered formula this long. I figured we’d break down due to the inconvenience of having to shlep water around with us for bottles, however, we have kept up with it, so a good on for us for staying with this cheap(er) solution.

Yes, we should have breast fed, no arguments, but circumstances did not allow for that option to be pursued.

How much have I saved? Well $20/week for 17 months? Somewhere around $1000 or so, to be conservative, so not a bad bit of saving by us.

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