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Equal Billing (Epilogue)

My electricity Utility allows for equal billing, so that I pay the same amount every month of the year, instead of having my bill fluctuate with the months, which on the surface sounds good. The problem is that in the past year I have managed to cut down on my electrical use a great deal, to the point where I have built up a positive balance of over $800 (about 6 months worth of electrical bills).

I sent the utility an e-mail and they have agreed to refund my money to me (finally), but I have not seen it yet, so I will wait until I start tap dancing at the win fall of receiving back my own money, but then they went on to say they were going to adjust my monthly payments to drop it by $17 per month (or $154 a year). This seems a little small, given the amount I have not spent in the past year. Now it may well be they are implementing a MASSIVE rate hike at the same time, but I don’t think so (since the rates are government regulated).

I think my battle here has only started, as will tomorrow’s story about my Van dyeing after being serviced. Stay tuned!

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