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Persistence Pays

This incident happened in Montreal. I had driven our GM Montana van to Montreal to transport my daughter’s basketball team. I picked up the van from the dealership after having some service work done. After getting to Montreal there was a loud bang in the engine compartment. It ended up that after the repairs something had not been replaced correctly, and the starter was broken. I ended up taking the car to a Montreal GM dealership who repaired the car, but I had to rent a Van to get the team home (and then I had to drive back to Montreal to retrieve my Van).

Well after lodging an incident report with my Car Manufacturers web site, where I sent them a detailed description of what had transpired, as well as sending a copy of my car rental charges, low and behold I received a call from my Dealership (and my assigned service clerk). He was almost incredulous in tone that I had not mentioned a rental and that I wanted it paid for, because certainly they would have done that if I had asked.

Now if I take that at face value I am either being called:

  1. A liar, because I know I did mention the rental and the charges more than once.
  2. An idiot, because I didn’t ask for proper compensation.
  3. A whiner, for wanting more

Well, call me what you want (Ishmael, if need be), but they are sending me a cheque to cover my rental charges, so it just shows that you need to stand up for your rights, if you have been wronged (or you perceive you have been).

One for the good guys

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