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Have a Plan

I rant about this one fairly often, mostly to remind myself, of the importance of having some semblance of a financial plan. It doesn’t have to be something too complicated or that far forward looking, simply making a menu at home for the week, will stop you from going to the Grocery store every day. Going to the Grocery store every day is a bad thing, because it keeps giving you opportunities to impulse buy stuff that you just do not need (or worse, may not use). We are working to a menu and are doing not too bad a job at it. It certainly seems to have slowed our grocery spending, so that is a good thing, in my mind.

Start with a weekly menu for a month, and see how it goes. If that works, then maybe add in a plan for other purchases you are going to make in the month? Clothes? Cars? Gasoline? Trips? Who knows, but just start planning, you will surprise yourself.

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