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Beware Monsieur There are Vultures Everywhere…

This happened many years ago. Elder abuse and theft from Seniors is a despicable thing.

One of my favourite lines from Casablanca, which unfortunately in this rant is about a loved one. I really hope that God, Karma or the Cosmos has a special place for those that prey on the elderly.

Theft happens more often than we want to admit
Theft happens more often than we want to admit

My Mother was in a rush at the grocery store, and one accomplice distracted her, asking her to read a label that the accomplice could not read (allegedly) while the second perpetrator my mothers’ purse. This is just despicable, and frankly, whoever did this should be flogged and then put in the stocks to be spat on for a week or so.

Good for you, you stole a purse from someone and then forced that person to waste days of their life cancelling and then getting back all her credit cards and important information, and you got some cash. I really hope that these “evil doers” get some nasty disease that doesn’t kill them but makes their lives miserable. Yes, not very Christian of me, but what are you going to do.

Watch your purses, folks, and for those of you who think robbing folks is fun, wait for it. Something bad is going to happen to you!

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