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Check the expiry date

Another fun thing that transpired on this past long weekend, was that thanks to some bad luck we ran out of formula for our son. We did manage to find a grocery store that had it in stock, and we were very happy, and made him bottles without thinking about it. Once we got home, my wife looked a little closer at the label and realized that the formula had EXPIRED 6 months previously (which means it had been sitting on that shelf for one HELL of a long time). Our son had a bad night and we were wondering why, and we found out that we had been feeding him old formula, which is never a good thing. We threw it away, and bought a new batch.

This means we wasted money and may have made our son sick, that is why it is important to check the expiry date on things you are buying folks. It makes good financial sense and it is important for your and your loved ones health!

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