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Puddles of Fun (Extended Warranties again)

Well, this is starting to turn into a farce, but this weekend under my van (you know the one with the problems), I saw a puddle which had to be 12″ in diameter of what I hope is coolant (the oil and transmission fluid seem fine). If this is coolant (as I hope it is) then it means something ELSE was not done correctly when it’s head gaskets were replaced. No, luckily my extended warranty has not expired, and from what I can tell, I am going to need to watch things closely. I now am growing concerned that my “money pit” is now turning into a “citrus flavored money pit” (i.e. a lemon). The amount of work that is getting done on this is starting to get to the alarming stage. Yes it is under warranty, but, what happens in a few months when my warranty expires?

Oh, and if you are asking, I have not seen any money back yet either from the last fiasco. Evidently fast customer service is not a major issue with these folks (i.e. they don’t seem to care).

Yes, this is supposed to be a financial rant, however, the cost of repairing your vehicle can be a major money pit for most folks, so keep this in mind, when you purchase your new or used vehicle.

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