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Still on the lift?

We bought a GM Montana, in 2005. It was the only new car I have ever purchased, and this car was a lemon. It might have been built on a Friday, but it had countless issues. If I had not bought the extended warranty (to 5 years), I would have been in bad shape. I was bamboozled by the salesman, and the purchase was a mistake. My mechanic made me buy the 2nd party extended warranty when he found out I had purchased this vehicle. For that I am very thankful to him.

Still no word on the money pit on wheels. I appreciate the rental that I have, but I continue to kringe thinking about where I might be had I not purchased the extended warranty on “the pit”, I think I’d be tempted to dump it in a ditch, and leave it for dead. I am still concerned about life after my warranty is up, and NO I don’t want to go out and buy another Van if I can help it.

Remember to carefully research whatever vehicle you are going to buy. You have to weigh some important points:

  1. Cost of the vehicle. If this vehicle is cheap, why is it? Are you going to have to pay a fortune to get it repaired later?
  2. Warranty. How long and what type do you get and how much more to extend it? You buy a cheap car, you better make sure you have a good warranty.
  3. Should I buy this NEW or Used? My used Honda seems to be doing ok, but I don’t want to brag for fear of disturbing more Car Karma.
  4. Should I lease or Buy? Leasing looks attractive, but has a lot of pitfalls for folks, figure out whether it is really what you want. If you are like me and drive your cars into the ground, leasing may not be the best choice.
  5. Fuel economy? How can people drive hummers right now? I think gas companies salivate seeing those things driving down the street.

Just some points to think about with the purchase of any vehicle.

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