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Sometimes you have to pay $20 for a Candy Thermometer

My daughter decided that as part of a fundraiser for her school basketball team, she would do caramel apples. My wife purchased a “kit”, which she thought was easy, but it was actually a candy making kit, so we had to get the caramel to the correct temperature, before you could coat the apples, this meant you needed an accurate Candy thermometer.

My wife went off to Loblaws, found a Candy thermometer and we she got to the cash she was told it was going to cost $20 (approximately, I don’t remember, but it was a lot of cash). My wife refused to pay it and went off to Walmart, and found a perfectly good thermometer for $5.00 and brought it home. My daughter diligently worked on the caramel monitoring it and making sure that it wasn’t burning and such, and finally the thermometer claimed the correct temperature was hit. The problem ended up being that the caramel had been burnt (and thus had run past the correct temperature) and the caramel was ruined (and hopefully not the pot it was in, but we’ll see this weekend when I take the sandblaster to it).

The financial moral of this story? Sometimes you need to pay for the good version of a product, because a lot of times, you get what you pay for!

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