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Finally: Cheque arrives

So if you are a diligent reader of this fine tome, you would know that I have been waiting for two cheques, one from my Electric company (which they claim will arrive sometime this year) and one from my Dealership to cover the costs of renting a van in Montreal, when my van broke down, thanks to some problems with repairs done. Well I can happily say that the dealership cheque has finally arrived and has paid in full for the rental van, which is good. I will grumble that this did seem to take a long time, but I will give the dealership credit they did at least live up to their word and paid for part of my inconvenience.

There was no need to “lose it” as I thought I might have to, so holding off on that was a good idea.

I am also trying out some new ideas on the blog for format and information gathering. I am also enrolled in the Beta Blogger program with Google, however, I haven’t figured how to move this beast over there yet, stay tuned.

Enjoy your weekend, and don’t do any Yuletide, Chanuka, or Kwanza shopping until you make a plan! –C8j

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