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Points, points, points….

No not another sports analogy, but not a bad segue either. My major “customer appreciation” systems that I subscribe to are PC Financial’s points, Petro-Canada Petro Points, Canadian Tire Money and Aeroplan .

The main point accumulation system for me is PC Financial for buying groceries. We have accumulated a significant number of points over the season, and are now eyeing some of the higher priced home electronics devices that Loblaws has put so close to the check out counters (that is evil, by the way, I didn’t have enough will power not to buy a chocolate bar when I was 12, how can I keep from buying an HDTV now?). So what happens is PC Financial is paying me to bank with them, how much is your bank charging you for your banking? Think about that.

Petro Points we don’t use as much, but the nice part about it, is those points can be transferred into the PC Financial point system, so you can almost double your points on one tank of gas if you want.

The Canadian Tire Money, I already talked about this but I have accumulated over $100 in the past year from there as well, which has helped pay for a myriad of odd things like propane tanks, bike water bottles, and a rake (hey that’s not bad, just to pump their gas).

Finally we have Aeroplan. Now I have collected a ton of points on this system over the 15 years or so that I have been in the program. I do not collect much now, since I don’t travel as much these days, but they have also brought in new restrictions about how long you can keep your miles, and when your account gets marked inactive, so watch out for that folks.

I enjoy this kind of “customer loyalty” systems, especially when it puts money back in my pockets! What points are you collecting?

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  1. I’m no longer a fan of the CTC card, as I discovered they queried my Credit score at equifax each time I made a purchase. That is, they did not just report the purchase, but asked for a credit report.

    I have since dropped the card.


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