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Groceries, one of your biggest expenses

Our amigo over at the Canadian Capitalist, had a good posting yesterday about the amount of groceries that are wasted by a typical household. I can believe that we waste 14% of our groceries, if not more in our household, and we spend a lot of money on groceries with 4 kids and two adults as well. I can say that my major expenses are:

  1. Taxes (yes, I am bitching about that still)
  2. Home (Mortgage , insurance and repairs)
  3. Cars (insurance, gas, payments)
  4. Groceries

Now you can’t do a lot about (1), you can buy a house at a price you can afford and live in, Cars, well I am still shuddering about how much I would be out of pocket if I hadn’t bought an extended warranty, yet my 12 year old Honda has not been too bad a drain. That leaves groceries, and there you have the opportunity to control your spending and do it in an intelligent manner, with shopping lists, and making sure you check your cupboards before you go out and buy stuff.

Don’t waste any more money, keep it in your pocket!

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  1. Between me and my husband we’ve had over 20,000 in debt and had to use a company to get out of it. We made sure it was legitimate through use of the BBB lookup.

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