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Canadians are richer! and more in Debt ! :-(

So the Grinches at Stats Canada have published a new survey of how the Canadian Family’s “wealth” has increased over the past 6 years.

The median net worth of Canada’s 13.3 million “family units” (families, couples and unattached singles) was $148,350 in 2005, according to Statistics Canada’s latest survey of financial security.

That’s up almost 41.7 per cent from 1999, and up 23.2 per cent after taking inflation into account.

But the total debt load carried by Canadians grew almost 50 per cent in the same period. After adjusting for inflation, the median debt load rose 38 per cent to $44,500 per family.

Well, so I am not that bloody rich then! My family gross income is less than the average, so Whoo Hoo, leave me alone Tax Man, I am not so gosh darn rich as you claim I am. My debt load hasn’t increased as much as they say, but it is larger than their median as well, so that isn’t good news either.

I call Stats Canada Grinches, because they have come down with edicts that their employees are not allowed to wish anyone Merry Christmas, only Happy Holidays, oh well, I guess all I can say is, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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