Computer and Peripheral Prices fall

Holy moly, do they ever. So where most things in this world keep going up in prices, computers and peripheral prices continue to fall in price. From September to October it dropped by 0.8% to 36.4 (for commercial computers), but the start of the index which is 100, was in 2001, so that means prices have effectively dropped almost 65% since 2001? Wow! For consumer computers it dropped 2.3% and the index is now at around 17. Wow!

So why are computers the only industry where this happens (or so it seems to a lay person such as myself)? Anybody got good ideas?

My other question is what are they comparing to here? Are they saying the price of the same computer in 2001 is now 64% less, or is this a comparable computer in 2006 terms? Good questions these, wonder what the answers are?


Chutzpah: Now that’s a raise

Now I may question whether the raises for Teachers and Nurses were a little high (but I do think they deserve raises). I think we can all agree on one thing, anyone who votes themselves a 25% pay raise, is truly the definition of Chutzpah. Back in 2006 Ontario MPP’s did this exact thing.

For those of you not up on your Yiddish let me give you the definition first:

chutz·pa –noun Slang.
1. unmitigated effrontery or impudence; gall.
2. audacity; nerve.
Also, chutzpah, hutzpa, hutzpah.

Ontario MPP’s voted themselves a 25% pay increase to end the year 2006 off, and want to make sure that they make 75% of what their Federal counterparts make. Don’t you wish you could vote yourself a 25% raise? Maybe MPP’s are underpaid (not as underpaid as Nurses or Teachers, mind you), but a 25% raise?

Try to use the word Chutzpah in your day to day discussions, keep yiddish alive! Oi vay!


More jobs and higher pay…

At least that is the news for some folks. The year to date average salary increase is 3.1% which is higher than the current rate of inflation (which is always worrying, because that usually starts inflation up). The areas where wages are increasing the most are health and social assistance, followed by educational services retail and then manufacturing. There are over 187,000 more employees than from the start of the year in Canada too.

More jobs, and more wages, is a good thing, I think. The areas where salaries are increasing is quite interesting too. Health and Social Assistance is an interesting area to hear growth in wages, but also worrying. I think it is due to these areas getting little or no increases in the past few years, but now a lot of the new monies going to this area are going to wages? Educational Services is again another area where more money is going into, but it is being taken up by wage settlements. This kind of “catch up” helps the folks working in the areas, but does it add services or needed machinery or needed facilities? I don’t want to sound like I am against Teachers, and Nurses getting pay raises, but I’d like to see more money going to making the whole system better not just raising wages.

Interesting, no mention of high tech, and manufacturing employees are well below the average too. Not news to us in High Tech, but still interesting.


If the Olympic Stadium gets paid off, any debt is payable!

Written in 2006, so that means it took over 30 years to pay off the Montreal Olympic Stadium. I am sure it is still accruing costs, but I never thought it would be standing when it finally got paid off.

The Olympic Stadium in Montreal is finally paid for! Unbelievable, is all I can say. I grew up in Montreal during the building of the “Cement Stadium”, and I remember it’s initial price tag of $185M and it ballooning to a final price tag of $2B which evidently has been paid off using a tax on cigarettes in Quebec. That shows that:

  • Quebecers smoke a hell of a lot of cigarettes to get taxed enough to pay off this huge debt.
  • That is a really STEEP tax, which they are not getting rid of, they are keeping it to pay for upkeep of the stadium and for other debts the Quebec Government has (like the number of cancer patients from smoking?)

The Olympic Stadium is Not like My Debt?

Folks, if this debt can be paid off (in 30 years), then ANY debt is payable. I remember as a kid thinking I wouldn’t see the Olympic Stadium paid for before it was demolished, or it fell down, but it is now paid off, holy cow!

The Big Owe
The Big Owe (aka Montreal Olympic Stadium)


My ’94 Honda is Worth What?

I keep saying that my “beater” that I bought from a friend three years ago (almost) owes me nothing (and it doesn’t really, I am astounded it is still on the road). I don’t take it on long trips, it is a city car, but mostly highway stuff. I managed to get it for $2500.00 from a very good friend, who was going to trade it in on a new car she was buying. The dealership only offered her $2500 as a trade-in, so I said I’d pay that for it (and then proceeded to not pay her in full for 6 months, so needless to say, a very kind and patient friend too). I ended up with a car that I know well, and my mechanic knows too (he has done most of the repairs on it for 8 years at least), so it was really a no lose choice for me.

Car in Pond

You Can’t Park Here Mister!

I have wondered how much this car is actually worth. A friend pointed me to the VMR Canada Car Value Calculator web site. It is a pretty easy web site to use, and my figuring that the car couldn’t be worth any more than $1500.00 , I was surprised that this site values my car around $2600.00 ? Holy cow, that is a lot of money.

Now another way to think of the value of this car to me is, that I need it right now to get my kids shuttled around to all the events they want to go to, so the car may actually be worth more than $2600, in that if I had to replace it, it would cost me a lot more money!

What’s your car worth?

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