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But I don’t know who to give to this Christmas?

Pardon? I heard someone say they didn’t know who they would donate to, because there were so many charities to choose from? So if you went to a buffet, you might not eat because you couldn’t figure out what to eat?


Give! Want a list?

  • The Salvation Army is a good place to start. This is a link to the Canadian Sally Anne (as my Mum calls them).
  • Give extra to your Church, they usually give to the local community too (that’s a mental note for me, as much as a nudge for you).
  • The Hunger Site, all you have to do there is CLICK, so go do that now (and come back of course).
  • How about the United Way (this is a link to the Ottawa Chapter)
  • My old neighbours at the Shepherds of Good Hope are always looking for help.
  • Harvest House is another good place to give your money, although I am not fond of their telemarketing angle these days.
  • The Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) is always looking for help as well.
  • The Old Brewery Mission in Montreal does very good works as well.
  • Chez Doris is a Women’s Shelter in Montreal that always needs help.
  • Your local food bank needs help, no matter where you live! Buy 8 boxes of Kraft Dinner and a box of Cheerios and put it in the Food Bank box, you will be helping!

See the list goes on and on. Give all the time, but if you have all this extra money to buy expensive presents, you have money to give to the folks who can’t get a Plasma Screen TV for Christmas.

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