2007 The Year That Was

For me 2007 has been a great year, but not necessarily in the financial areas I wished for, but that is not all life is about. With an end of year recap in mind, I give you the:

Best of Canadian Financial Rants 2007

This isn’t really a “Best of” kind of list, just a cross section of my writings for the year.

Some other interesting points about this year:

  • I wrote approximately 371 postings, which is more than one a day (holy cow).
  • Forty (40) was my monthly maximum written in May.

Hope you enjoyed it, I am hoping for some changes in the New Year, but ’til then:

Happy and Prosperous New Year to You All!

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Receipts and Friday Random Thoughts

Keep your receipts

Remember all that spending you did before Christmas? Hope you kept your receipts! Why you may ask? Let’s run down a few of the important points about keeping your receipts (and maybe scanning them into your computer for archiving?):

  • You have a record of where you shopped, and this is important because what happens if another charge appears from that same store next month? If you don’t have your receipt, you might think, oh they are just billing slowly and pay it again. This happened to me more than once.
  • So you know exactly how much you spent, and you can figure out a plan now of how to pay off the gross national debt of Zimbabwe off (that is my pet name for my Christmas debt hangover).
  • You know where you didn’t shop as well. You end up with a strange charge from somewhere you know you didn’t shop, you can have that charge reversed.

Remember this doesn’t mean you have to hoard all those little pieces of paper, just make sure you keep them for a little while, just to be safe.

Random Thoughts for a Friday

  • Jim Flaherty is now saying that big income tax cuts are now many years away and the federal government cannot do any more large cuts. His statement is that he thinks there will not be a huge surplus for 2008 and thus no room to cut taxes any more. Gee thanks Jim, hope Santa left you a nice lump of coal in your stocking, and maybe Rudolph left you a plum pudding on your pillow.
  • Phased Retirement? Remember Big Caj, we value you and don’t want you to retire, because we don’t trust our younger employees? If I can retire, I will retire, no phases, Hast La Vista and farewell!
  • Some nasty happenings in Pakistan I think could forebode some very high gas prices soon. Instability in that whole region is going to really zap us in the pocket books. It will also mean a continued strong Canadian Dollar as well, due to Canada’s oil reserves.


Survey Results

I figured I’d try out a survey from Blogspot to just see if anyone would actually “vote” and I was impressed to see the following results:

If you found $213,498.42 on the ground what would you do with it?

  • Pick it up, spend it, and then lament my loss 28%
  • Yell, “Hey anybody drop their wad?” 13%
  • Pick it up, and give it to the Salvation Army lady on the corner 10%
  • Take $3.14, and feel guilty for doing that 1%
  • None of the Above 48%

What does this mean? Not sure, it was my first survey, but interesting that some folks enjoyed my humorous answer #2. Another survey may be coming soon.

Changes Coming

Watch this blog for changes that are coming very soon, I hope. For those who are on the RSS feed, you won’t notice anything (sorry).

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Let the Boxing Quarter Begin

Boxing Day sales used to be a one-day type thing in Canada. Then they became a week-long event. Now they seem to start December 1st and ends March 30th! A period like this is not a sale folk. It is an excuse to get you in the darn store to buy crap you do not want or need. My Mother used to buy wrapping paper, and that was about it.

If you go to one of these sales, know what you will buy and don’t be enticed by the first shiny bobble you see. I looked at all of my favourite electronic stores. These sites have been having an On-Line Boxing Day sale since 8:00 PM on December 24th and see a couple of things I’d like. However, not enough to attempt to get into the stores at 6:00 AM when they open to get one of the ten guaranteed in each store, that is for sure!

Why not enjoy another day of peace and quiet and maybe go out on Friday? Yes, all the “best buys” will be gone, but at least you may not get run over by overzealous shoppers in the parking lots?

Previous Boxing Days?

I have written on the topic of Boxing Day a few times.


A few last Yuletide Thoughts

I may rant about Boxing day and such at the end of all of this, but I will attempt to make this my last posting about finances and Christmas.

The Spirit of Christmas is Watching YOU!
The Spirit of Christmas is Watching YOU!
  • Christmas cards are not late if they have been mailed before Christmas day (that means even if I mail them on Christmas day they are not late). Late Christmas cards are the ones that show up in July, there is no LATE in Christmas, just delayed.
  • If you are paying bills, remember to get them done TODAY because they won’t be “paid” until the 27th if you don’t (I got burned on that one once).
  • I once did buy something useful at a Boxing Day sale, but it was mostly due to the fact that I needed something, AND it was on sale, AND I got there and there was still some left. Boxing Day sales seem a little too much for me. (it was a Stereo Amplifier).
  • My Christmas this year is astounding even before it happens, because I have had an amazing year, and really don’t need any gifts (however, I won’t ask anyone to return them either).

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy your Riches as much as I do (no, I am not talking about money for once).

Christmas Wishes from the Past

I seem to do this a lot, so here are my Christmas wishes from years gone by:


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