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Let the Boxing Quarter Begin

Boxing Day sales used to be a one-day type thing in Canada. Then they became a week-long event. Now they seem to start December 1st and ends March 30th! A period like this is not a sale folk. It is an excuse to get you in the darn store to buy crap you do not want or need. My Mother used to buy wrapping paper, and that was about it.

If you go to one of these sales, know what you will buy and don’t be enticed by the first shiny bobble you see. I looked at all of my favourite electronic stores. These sites have been having an On-Line Boxing Day sale since 8:00 PM on December 24th and see a couple of things I’d like. However, not enough to attempt to get into the stores at 6:00 AM when they open to get one of the ten guaranteed in each store, that is for sure!

Why not enjoy another day of peace and quiet and maybe go out on Friday? Yes, all the “best buys” will be gone, but at least you may not get run over by overzealous shoppers in the parking lots?

Previous Boxing Days?

I have written on the topic of Boxing Day a few times.

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