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Personal: PC Financial Points Pay Out

I finally decided to use some of my PC Financial points, that we have built up over the year, given that Loblaws is liquidating a lot of their “non grocery” inventory, we got ourselves a “cheap and cheerful” VCR/DVD (play only) combination, with about 1/4 of our points. It works quite nicely, since the TV it is connecting to only has RF (coax) inputs (yes it is THAT old). This means we still have over 300K points to maybe buy one of the large tubed Televisions that Loblaws is attempting to rid itself of, or maybe we’ll hold onto them for a while longer, we’ll see.

This means that for banking with TD I have paid $146.00 this past year, and for banking with PC Financial, I have a free VCR/DVD. Why am I still banking with TD again? Yes, I know, I don’t follow my own advice well.

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  1. I bank with PC, too, and used to bank with TD (when I lived in Ottawa, actually). We switched because of the free banking aspect, whereas with TD we needed some ridiculous minimum in order to get free transactions. I still bank with PC, but because I live in the boonies now, I have less opportunity to collect points, and I noticed that they’ve reduced the number of points they give you when banking online or over the phone. Still, I’m pretty happy with them.

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