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My House Didn’t Appreciate in December?

That is what Stats Canada says, that in Ottawa/Gatineau my house did not appreciate in value from November to December. I knew I should have put up those darn Christmas lights! I could have at least put a light encrusted reindeer on the front lawn, darn!

This is actually true across Canada, as an average, housing prices did not change from November to December, which may sound like not much news, but this is the first times since June 2000 that it hasn’t on average in Canada. Now, there were increases in some cities (Winnipeg, Hamilton, Kitchener, Edmonton, St. John’s and Toronto and Oshawa) but they were counteracted by drops in other areas (Calgary, Victoria, Greater Sudbury / Grand Sudbury and Thunder Bay, Windsor, St. Catharines–Niagara and Saint John, Fredericton and Moncton). Interesting indeed but for the whole year houses in Canada appreciated by almost 11%, so yes it is getting more expensive to buy a house. Is it a good investment idea? I don’t think so, but that is just my opinion. I live in a house the bank mostly owns, but I don’t view it as an investment, more as a necessity.

The picture is of Our House, from my favorite group Madness! Yes esoteric, but it is topical at least! If you click on it you go to Madness’ myspace web page.

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