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Taxes coming soon!

Taxes Coming

I keep having to remind myself of that one. I have my Quicktax installed and ready to go, but my current employer has a tradition of only sending out my T4 on February 33rd (or whenever the last day that they can is). I usually submit shortly thereafter, because my taxes are really not that complicated.I am proud to say that this year I do get to declare my income from blogging (it is a very small amount, but I am proud to say that I am a Minuscule Business now (the smallest of Businesses)). I figure for the amount of tax I have to pay, who really cares?

I plan on doing another essay on just how much my wife is worth (in the view of the CRA, not me, she is priceless to me (who would stay married to me for 20 years?)). My guess is not much more than last year, but if Mr. Flaherty does as he is thinking, and is not just teasing us, she’ll be worth a heck of a lot more!

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  1. Agreed, women being trapped in abusive relationships should not be one of the effects of income splitting, and I certainly wouldn’t want that, however, I think income splitting is needed, none the less. -C8j

  2. While I don’t particularly agree with the story, I do agree with the flip: the increasing numbers of women that are in the workforce and able to financially support themselves has allowed many to leave abusive relationships. This is reflected in the increased divorce rate we experience today.

    I support any measure that that increases an individuals independence.


  3. Interesting, it assumes that the major bread winner must be the man, and this makes women subservient to them? Interesting point of view.

    I kind of agree it might cause an outflux from the work force of folks where it might be better to split income than both work. I would hope that the world has changed enough that this would drive women from the workforce. –C8j

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