Canadians are getting Lazier

in Stats Canada, Work Hours

No, I don’t think that really, but it does make for a catchy headline doesn’t it? I read somewhere you need a real catchy headline to capture the reader’s interest, and then really grab them with the first paragraph. OK, so 1 out of 2 isn’t bad on this story.

Man that was a tiring year
He’s not Lazy, just tired!

Our amigos at Stats Canada are saying that Canadian Labour “Quality” declined last year. Out of most of the stats, I did find one very useful question that is asked:

The major question at the moment is not whether a slowdown in output relative to employment is occurring, but whether this slowdown is transitory due to temporary factors (related to events such as weather, other production disruptions, or the sudden shift of resources to new industries and regions), or represents the beginning of a longer-term slump in productivity due to labour shortages, an ageing labour force or structural changes in the economy.

That’s a really good question, and I really don’t have an answer, but again it’s one of those questions to remember and ask yourself the next time you see data in this type of area. I find a lot of the data from Stats Canada causes me to ask more questions rather than answer the questions I already have, but that is ok by me. The more questions you ask, the more you might learn.

So far in the roll up the rim world, I am up 2 free coffees, but they now make you fill in a form for each of your free coffees? WTF? I think Tim Horton’s had a brain fart on that one!


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