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Rant: Where is my T4?

I really have a bone to pick with my employer. I realize that they don’t legally have to get me my T4 (receipt of employment income) before February “the last” (i.e. the last day of February), but it would be nice to have it before then, so I might be able to top up my RRSPs or whatever if I felt like it (I don’t, but that is not the point). I realize my employer is very busy, and I am grateful of their timely payments of my pay cheque, but I really would like to have a T4 some time real soon (like yesterday)!

This happens every year, where I have all of my receipts by the middle of February but I cannot file my return (or my wife’s return) until I get my T4. I can usually estimate on the basis of my final pay cheque, but inevitably, I miss some benefit that kills the HUGE tax refund I am expecting. Let’s hope it shows up in my mail box some time soon?

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  1. I totally agree with you. But it is not only employers, charitable organisms, daycares, all affect your tax return and legally have up to Feb 28 to release the info. I think we should be able to buy some RRSPs for the fiscal year for 2-4 weeks after the Feb 28th limit. Then you get a chance to minimize your taxes.

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