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Who puts the Pro in Procrastination?

So in what other financial areas would procrastination be a good strategy?

Bill payment? Yes, BUT, I am not saying don’t pay your bills on time, what I am saying is pay your bills on time (not early). Keep the money yourself, and hopefully let it grow in some fashion (unless an early payment would save you money on interest charges). I don’t want someone saying I said don’t pay your bills until they are late, what I am saying is don’t pay them early, unless you make money on the deal.

Procrastination is never a good thing for large companies when they are supposed to be posting their fourth quarter results, as we can see here.

Taxes and Procrastination

CCRA has made sure we’ll have to procrastinate a little longer if we want to file our taxes on line, because that option doesn’t work right now. Whoops, and I actually did want to get that out of the way this week, guess I’ll have to wait now.

Need to think about this a bit more, any other good procrastination ideas out there?

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